Starbucks Illegally Denied Raises to Unionized Workers, National Labor Relations Board Says

Starbucks has been a naughty, naughty company, according to a federal labor agency, which alleges the behemoth illegally withheld wages and benefit increases from its unionized employees. In a complaint filed Wednesday, the National Labor Relations Board demanded Starbucks make back payments and benefits kept from unionized baristas since May. It also stipulated that interim CEO Howard Schultz read aloud a statement on his employees’ union rights to his work force. (Alternatively, the agency said, a board official could read the statement aloud to employees, as long as Schultz was present.) The board alleged that benefits and raises were being withheld to discourage a union drive, through which more than 230 of the nation’s roughly 9,000 corporate-owned Starbucks stores have unionized since last fall. Starbucks denied that allegation through a spokesperson, who told The Washington Post, “We’ve been clear in that we are following NLRB rules when it comes to unilaterally giving benefits.” The NLRB is scheduled to take its complaint to court on Oct. 25 unless a settlement is reached.Read it at The Washington Post

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