Several people in WWE were let go today – Wrestling News

Brandon Thurston at Wrestlenomics is reporting that there were several layoffs at WWE earlier today.Thurston wrote:”I’m told there were layoffs today to WWE’s marketing department. Multiple people at the VP level were let go. Possibly a part of a restructuring to that department. EVP Catherine Newman was hired this summer as the new head of marketing.”There were other company changes today. In their latest SEC filing, it was announced that Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini resigned from her position on the Board of Directors. The filing also officially announced that Michelle McKenna and JoEllen Lyons Dillon were elected to be on the Board.
Scroll to Continue”Concurrent with the election of Mses. Dillion and McKenna, Erika Ayers Nardini has resigned from the Board,” WWE’s filing said. “With the recent acquisition of Barstool Sports by Penn Entertainment, Ms. Ayers Nardini’s time will be focused on the next chapter of this business and partnership. Ms. Ayers Nardini’s decision to resign from the Board was not due to any dispute or disagreement with [WWE], its management or any matter relating to [WWE’s] operations, policies or practices.”

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