Mistakes I Made on 10-Hour Flight Abroad to France

I naively chose a window seat, not realizing that I’d have a tough time getting up if I needed to go to the bathroom.

I was initially excited about this window seat. Little did I know there really aren’t any pros to having a window seat on a 10-hour flight.

Kirsten Acuna/Insider

Typically, I love the window seat on a plane. Not only do I enjoy resting my head against the side of the plane, but I like looking out at the clouds and the layout of the landscape below, especially after takeoff.Unfortunately, we were told to have our windows shut for most of the flight so others could rest, so it really didn’t even matter if I had a window seat or not.┬áThat wasn’t the worst part, though. I never considered that the two people next to me may both fall asleep, making it impossible for me to get up if I needed to go to the bathroom or stretch my legs.I don’t really like bothering others if they’re sleeping, so I wound up glued to my seat for the majority of my 10-hour flight.On the way home, I had an aisle seat. Though the experience was better, I would recommend not choosing an aisle seat that’s too close to the bathroom, as I did, since a line winds up forming next to you and people may lean on or knock into your chair.

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